About Us

A manufacturing solution-oriented NGO

A manufacturing solution-oriented NGO with enthusiasts and experienced professionals from several works of life all to ensure an up-to-date manufacturing eco-system/sector in Nigeria. We achieve this by bridging the gap between industry and academia through industry-relevant projects and workshops pioneered by students to industry and vice versa. We are committed to this vision and look forward daily to how we can make this work.

Our vision is building and shaping the future of manufacturing in Nigeria by nurturing driven individuals towards positively impacting the manufacturing sector, Nigerian society, and economy with an efficiency-driven initiative.
Efficiency Driven Manufacturing Initiative is a multicultural network of Nigerian scholars, with people from every discipline who seek to further enhance their overall personal development, interact with other scholars with like minds, and be mentored while contributing to the overall objectives of a given project (case studies, tasks, research, and development), their immediate and external environment. We are committed to building a network of efficiency-driven ideas and problem-solving individuals across the various institutions in Nigeria and engaging them in the execution of various projects with and/or without prototyping.
OUR Values

Efficiency Driven

We are efficiency-oriented


We work together regardless of our ethnic and religious affiliation


We work to get results that help move projects and tasks forward using sustainable methods


The standard of our output is modern and compete with similar items produced anywhere in the world


We strongly adhere to moral, ethical principles and values in all of our actions

Respect for People

We value people, their culture, and encourage their development